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Stress. Negative thoughts and low self-esteem. Smoking. Over-eating. Panic attacks. All of these conditions and more can be overcome without medication by using hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic process by which a person is guided to take control over their body through their mind to achieve a hypnotic state.

Clinical Hypnotherapist Gill Scott

“It’s about achieving a deep state of relaxation in which the hypnotherapist can communicate more effectively with that person’s subconscious mind and guide the person towards more easily focusing on what they want,”

“Hypnosis is used to achieve a natural state of deep relaxation in which the chattering, ‘conscious’ mind becomes disengaged from everyday concerns.”

“This allows that person to get in touch with a deeper part of themselves to make positive and lasting changes that the conscious mind working alone is often unable to achieve.”

 Clinical Hypnotherapist Gill Scott

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The Hypnotic State

In the hypnotic state, brain wave frequency slows to between seven and 14 cycles per second making the brain more susceptible to suggestion. Which is why hypnosis has long been viewed as a valuable method for changing unwanted habits.

“If you think of human consciousness as a spectrum of awareness, the sleeping, waking and hypnotic states are simply different points along the same line,”

“It’s not just an altered form of consciousness. The person in the hypnotic state remains in full control and can come out of the hypnosis at any time. No hypnotherapist can make you do anything you don’t want to.”

Because of this, the effectiveness of hypnotherapy is heavily dependent on the co-operative relationship a person has with their hypnotherapist. Which is why Gill offers a free introductory phone consultation before seeing someone for the first time.
The Hypnotic State

Free introductory phone consultation

Call Gill today and find out if she would be the right hypnotherapist for you.

“I always encourage people to call me first because it’s so important for them to hear my voice and feel confident they can trust me,”

Hypnotherapy is life-changing

Trust is essential – and fundamental to the National Hypnotherapy Society Code of Ethics to which Gill closely adheres. Confidentiality, too, is of paramount importance, she adds.

Because of its presentation in the media, hypnosis is often misunderstood. Yet look beyond TV showmanship and its emphasis on mind control, and the facts about hypnotherapy speak for themselves, Gill believes.

“Over the years, I’ve successfully guided a diverse cross-section of people towards making the changes they need to achieve their goals, gain greater control over negative behaviours, reduce stress and lead happier lives,”

“This experience has clearly demonstrated, repeatedly, that when a person is ready to change, hypnotherapy is life-changing.”

Hypnotherapy is life-changing

Hypnotherapy for Blood Pressure

When I first came to see you my blood pressure was seriously high – at 175/98. I was very stressed and worried about the health of my unborn baby. After hypnotherapy my blood pressure has gone down to 120/84 – lower than before I became pregnant. I am much more relaxed and feel calmer and happier. My GP is very pleased with my progress and glad not to have had to prescribe medication. Listening to your MP3 recordings afterwards have helped keep me on track.

TT, aged 30


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